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Grow Light Series

  • OEM Wholesale Dimmable And Modle Change LED Grow Light

    2 – 4999 pieces      5000 – 9999 pieces

    $25.00                    $13.90

    >= 10000 pieces


    Contact me via Whatsapp: https://wa.me/message/W4I77JPXMQJ6M1


    ①High Efficiency: High efficiency up to 2.7 umol/J, providing strong light output and enhanced canopy penetration, thereby increasing the output area.

    ②Full Spectrum and Dimmable: The full cycle spectrum, dimming knob gives growers more flexibility to adapt to the needs of each growth stage of the plant.

    ③Heavy harvest: to maximize mowing yields and save energy.

    ④Solid Construction: high safety performance and reliable drivers.

    ⑤No noise.


    Customized Service: OEM is available, Free Logo Service is available